Gallery: Knitting

A round-up of all the finished-project pages for knit creations I've made or blogged about since starting Aesthetic Entanglementz in 2008

Challenge Socks #6: Mermaid with Golden Hair (MUMTUS modified)
Challenge Socks #5: Get Smart Socks (MUMTUS)
Challenge Socks #4: Sleeping Socks for C, No. 2 (MUMTUS modified)
Challenge Socks #3: Fascine-ation (MUMTUS modified)
Bridgewater Shawl (designed by Jared Flood), final pictures forthcoming
Challenge Socks #1: Marshlands Lace Rib (MUMTUS modified)
My First Handspun Socks (MUMTUS modified)
Basic Instincts Shawl (ZL original design)
My First Aran (Finished December 1987)
Fingerless Mitts for Mom
Challenge Socks #2: Twin Rib Socks for Mom (MUMTUS modified)
Accidental Bunny
Simple Lace Shawl
Country Garden Socks (MUMTUS)
Missed Santa's Sleigh Socks for C (MUMTUS)
Stripes of Sunshine Socks (MUMTUS)
Good Mamma's Bad Woman Wrap
11th-Hour Fingerless Mitts
Pink Pagewood With A Twist (MUMTUS)
Continental Maizy Lace Socks
Spiraling Master Coriolis
Asparagus Socks (designed by Wendy D Johnson)
Sleep Socks for C (MUMTUS)
Mash-Up Magic Toe-Up Socks -- aka MUMTUS (ZL design)
Bad Woman Wrap
Basic Twined Hat
Diagonal Scarf
Urchin Hat
Monkey Socks (designed by Cookie A)
Hemlock Ring Blanket (adapted by Jared Flood)
Tweedy Cabled Cap (ZL original design)
Baby Surprise Jacket (designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman)
Urban Aran Cardigan (adapted by Jared Flood)
Whispered Color Socks
Assassination of Jesse James Dishcloth
Sassy Stripey Legwarmers
Koolhaas Hat No. 2 (designed by Jared Flood)
Koolhaas Hat No. 1 (designed by Jared Flood)
Fingerless Mitts