Long Overdue

I started a pair of socks for C back in August. She selected the yarn while my mother was here visiting in the days following her Alaskan cruise adventure. I cast on and knit the foot during the PRIDE training courses for our foster-adopt licensing.

But there was a strange flaw in the yarn that I thought I might be able to fix without cutting. I was wrong. I didn't want to cut the yarn, though, so the socks languished while I convinced myself I might find another way.

C got this for Christmas instead:

(She's actually much more excited than it looks in the picture!)

By this time, my mom was visiting again! And so on Christmas Day, after all the presents had been opened, with the guilt hanging heavy over my head, I finally gave in, cut the knot from the yarn, and got back to the business of finishing those socks.

But we had a trip to Orcas Island planned. If you're anything like me, the night before you travel you do anything and everything but sleep. Among my activities that evening was not finishing C's socks. Instead, I made this:

My Grandma Catherine's legendary apple pie, passed down to her by I don't recall how many generations! It was truly a spectacular iteration of the pie, started at 4:00 am and pulled fresh from the oven just before 5:25. That's 5:25 AM!

Perhaps aroused by the aroma coming from the kitchen, the rest of the family eventually woke up, and we headed off to the island -- finished pie and unfinished socks in-tow.

We enjoyed a lovely, long ferry ride.

And finally, sometime shortly after our arrival on Orcas Island, C got her long over-due handknit Christmas present from Mommy!

(And you've finally gotten this long overdue Christmas gift post!)