Fave Fingerfree Mitts
How to Cast on Magic Loop

I made these fingerless mittens in October and put off posting a blog because I keep them at work and didn't have pictures. Never too late to share a great project!

My office in Pioneer Square freezes in the transitional months before building management turns on the steam heat. Last year I bought fingerless gloves, but I wanted something without fabric between my fingers slowing down my typing. These have been perfect.

Pattern: Chavi's Fingerless Mittens (The pattern used to be available for free online, but it's no longer there. I wrote the designer asking to have it reposted. Original URL: mashpitsknits.blogspot.com/2007/09/cabled-fingerless-mittens.html)
Started & Completed: October 2007
Materials: Cascade 220 Wool
Needles: US 6 / 4.0 mm

I've never knit mittens or gloves before. Not sure why. Once I decided to give it a go, I searched around for a pattern that really spoke to me. This one did! I love the cable. It's so perfectly balanced for the scale of the mitts.

Used 40" circulars (Addi Turbo) so I could knit both at once using magic loop technique. Worked fabulously. This was only the second project I ever did using magic loop, though — the first project had been toe-up socks — so I had to figure out how to cast on since I couldn't use the closed method. I didn't have any tutorials, so I did it the hard way. Here's what I know now:

Casting on magic loop, 2 at once on one needle, open end:

1. Cast on the first half of the stitches for item A.
2. Cast on all the stitches you will need for item B.
3. Pull cord through at the half-way point between stitches for item B.
4. Cast on the second half of the stitches for item A.

I only used about 53 grams of the skein — just a little more than half. Plenty left to make another pair for C!

As for time-to-finish, these didn't knit up quite as quickly as I expected. Even so, I was done within two weeks of beginning, and I only knit in odd hours before bed. My expectation must have been unrealistic.

I love the way they look and feel. I get all sorts of compliments. And they're holding up very well!

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