What to Do With Kathmandu? A Twisted Tale

Wasn't planning to cast on anything new until I finished at least one of the other three things on my needles... But I found this Kathmandu DK Tweed on sale at Acorn Street when Joseph and I went on Saturday, and I've been puzzling over what I would do with it. The problem: There was only 1 skein -- it's been discontinued. So I've been thinking, thinking, thinking about it ever since. Decided today that it would either have to become a neckwarmer or a hat, and the hat won out!

I've basically created my own design. I’m using the Between-Seasons cap as inspiration for the decrease twists, though, because I don’t like most cap decreases I see, and I thought Cathy Campbell’s LT/RT decrease technique was pretty.

Crossing my fingers that I have enough yarn! I’m working on size 7 needles instead of the size 6 specified on the wrapper. Definitely worked better for the cabled band. I’m sticking with it on the cap portion, too, in hopes that it’ll move me along more quickly and help me avoid running out of yarn. I only have the 1 skein, which I bought off a discontinued table but couldn’t pass up.

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