Locking in

Made the transition to Jared’s chart last night. Easy-peasy. Each row starts and ends at the mid-way point of the chart. Much more straight knitting from here on out.

Some people recommend placing stitch markers at the beginning of each repeat, then counting sections before moving on so they don’t get too far before discovering errors. That makes good sense, especially for less experienced knitters. At present, I’m only marking the beginning of the row because I’d rather internalize the pattern and work intuitively if I can. Judging from Jared’s chart, that ought to be do-able. We’ll see.

The Cascade Ecological Wool (used for this project and the Eco Urban Aran Cardi) may just be my favorite yarn. I love the way it works and feels. I’m thinking about trying it out in one of the Eco Plus colors. Have to come up with a pattern for that – or maybe I’ll do another one of these throws!

I love how mushy the center medallion is now and will be sad to see it blocked out. Well… sad and excited.

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