A Family That Sits Together Knits Together

We got a new chair!

While this may not seem knitting-related, it really is. We have a tiny house with just two non-bedroom "living" spaces. There's a family room downstairs where we keep the TV, and there's an itsy-bitsy living room upstairs by the front door. We have the living room crammed full: 2 bookcases, a large birdcage for our cockatiel, a 2-seat antique pew, a 6-foot (gorgeous) antique grand piano, and just one comfy chair (that leather one periodically visible in my pictures, like here). The seating works fine when we have visitors, and I regularly hang out in the comfy leather chair knitting or reading, but it just doesn't work if both J and I want to knit upstairs away from the TV. Either one of us takes the chair and the other finds somewhere else to go or we both sit at the dining room table or, at night, we sit in bed knitting. We needed a second comfy chair.

Craigslist to the rescue! I check out Craigslist periodically to see if anything's been posted that I like. Obviously, I liked this chair and thought it fit our aesthetic and our budget. I was surprised to find out that it's made in China. Anyone know anything that might help me identify it better? I love that the front of the footstool is low enough to tuck underneath the chair and make more floor space. It does position you back at a bit of a reclined angle, so if you're tired, you're sure to be out cold in no time! We still need a nice pillow for lower-back support. Ah yes... a reason to shop!

I sit in it now as I write this post. The lap blanket Mom brought me from Ireland for my bridal shower looks fabulous on it. J and I haven't had an opportunity to sit in the living room together knitting yet, but I have no doubt we will soon.

Of course, C discovered right away that she could tip it backwards. Fortunately, that little parlor trick scared her enough that I don't think she'll do it again. If she does, we may end up with broken glass by the door... and I'd have to think about selling it for safety's sake.

The pew will go down to the family room, unless we can come up with a better solution. We can't move Cooper (the bird) because his cage doesn't fit anywhere else that has a stable temperature. The downstairs gets too cold at night.

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