Bad Woman, Good Woman, Snow Woman!

What's that?

Over there... in the mailbox... do you see it?!

It looks like—why yes, it is:

Another present from Santa!!!

Good Mamma's Bad Woman Wrap

This was a holiday stealth project, so all has been hush. Unfortunately, the lousy weather prevented me from getting it mailed in time for Christmas. The snow on our street finally cleared enough that we were able to leave the house Sunday after 10 days of snowed-in confinement. Whew! So I was finally able to mail the last of my Christmas presents off to their recipients and can gleefully say, "It's in the mail!"

It's for my mom, who doesn't have internet access at her home and only just saw the version I made for myself on my blog about two weeks ago. She's been bugging my sister to get the pattern from me and go buy yarn ever since. Little did she know...

I think she'll like it! I sent my sister yarn and the pattern to make one for herself. I had the best of intentions, but with the new job just couldn't get the second one knit up.

Pattern: Bad Woman Wrap by Lee Burrow (Shop Pattern available at Bad Woman Yarn)
Materials: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, 3 skeins (645 yards), in colorway 6287 Denim Mix (I think—it's either that or 6288 Blueberry mix. I'll edit this when I locate the skein tags.)
Needles: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Started: August 13, 2008
Completed: December 19, 2008
Previously Blogged Version: Bad Woman Wrap, Helluva Gal, and 2008 LYS Tour

As for the Snow Woman, check this out!

That's a fantabulous Snow Woman and Snow Cat made December 26 by my darling daughter, the Divine Miss Catherine (in a hat my sister sent her for Christmas)...

... and her artistic and ingenious father (in a hat he knit himself last year).

You can guess who did the lion's share of the work.

They're even cute from behind!

I have an amazing family. I am so lucky!


Virtuous said...

Hae a wonderful New Year Z!

Anonymous said...

Hi Z!! Nice to hear from you again! Thanks for reminding me about that Bad Woman shawl - I really have to get to that shop for the pattern and yarn! Maybe this weekend - I need to get to the SAM by January 11!

cici said...

what a beautiful wrap. This snow woman is a piece of art! Happy New Year.

soknitpicky said...

Happy new year! Love the snow creations :-)

逛街 said...