Whispered Color Socks

Pattern: Knitting 2 Socks at One Time on 1 Long Circular Needle by Barb Tolleson
Started: October 15, 2007
Finished: February 6, 2008
Materials: Plymouth Sockotta Sock Yarn Eurostripe Effect
Needles: US 1 / 2.25 mm

When I started these socks, I was using a different top-down pattern that wasn’t written for magic loop… but I was working it using magic loop technique.

CO 64 stitches

Rib: 3k 1p for 7”

When it came time to knit the heel flap, I realized that translating my pattern to magic loop knit-ability would require more deep intellectual thought than my addled brain could give at 11pm while watching TV. I remembered Barb Tolleson’s pattern, which I had used for the eye of patridge heel stitch once before, and decided to switch over.

Boy am I happy I did! I adore this sock pattern. It’s a bit tricky to figure out how the needles shift at first… and picking up all those stitches for the gusset is a pain… but the heel turns beautifully and the gusset is nice and tight. NO ugly holes at the joins!!!

After that, it’s smooth sailing. I will definitely use this pattern again.

About the only thing not going for it is the fact that it’s top-down. I’ve got a bit of a nail-biter here as I wonder if I’ll have enough yarn!

Speaking of the yarn, I love the muted colorway. On a stitch-by-stitch basis, I rarely even notice when the colors have shifted. However, I have to say that it’s a bit like knitting with kitchen string. The wool/cotton ratio definitely favors the cotton, so it can stick on the needles.

Did have enough yarn. Big disappointment, though, because the socks are too short. The pattern said to stop the foot at 2.5-3 inches short of total length. I did. Unfortunately, the toe only covered 1.5 inches on my size 1 needles. I’m totally bummed. The socks are gorgeous otherwise. I know – I can always rip out the toe and re-do. I’m thinking, instead, that I’ll wait until April and give them to my daughter for her birthday. They’re still a little wide around for her, but the length is good and she likes them. We’ll see, but that’s my idea for now.

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