Traveling Light

This is the only project accompanying me on my job interview in Lawrence, Kansas.

As with the last fiber I spun, this came from A New Yarn — the non-profit yarn shop I love which accepts donations of all kinds — and I don't know exactly what the fiber is composed of. I can tell you that it's not quite as soft and silky as the last one. I'm thinking it's probably just plain old will (read that "just" with all sorts of love in your heart!). The color is so richly saturated.

This picture gives a different sense of the brightness:

For all you University of Kansas fans out there who can't figure out why my blog came up on your Google search: Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Of course, they just won the national basketball championship. The big welcome home celebration for the team was last night, which is lucky because if it were tonight, I'd have more than 40,000 loud, happy people outside my hotel celebrating the victory right now!

I had planned to pack a sock project, too, but just ran out of time to prep one I thought would travel well. It's for the best that I didn't pack anything else. My bags were really heavy, and I'm not sure how much spinning I'll actually get to do. I've got a 13-hour interview day ahead of me tomorrow.

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