Look what I went and did:

I bought a spinning wheel!

Actually, J bought it for me. An early birthday present. How cool is that?!?! It's a single-treadle Ashford Traditional.

How does a thing like this happen? And so suddenly? Serendipity.

On a whim, I checked Craigslist for used spinning wheels Sunday evening. Nikki in Kingston had just posted an ad for this wheel at an amazing price — one of the best deals for a good quality, used, beginner's wheel in good shape that I'd seen in nearly 6 months of periodic looking. I knew I was likely to be the first respondent on this one, so I showed it to J. He agreed that I should contact the seller.

The next evening, we loaded the entire family (including MIL) into the car and drove up to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal. Nikki and her daughter met us on the mainland side. Rain poured down in buckets as we loaded the wheel into the car. I was so excited about my new toy that I almost forgot to pay Nikki, even though I had the cash in my hand!

Nikki raises sheep, too, and she said she'll bring me a fleece next time she comes to the mainland. I've got her cell number and am hoping it will happen. Not that I don't have enough great wool to spin... there's still that box full of natural fiber to work through. I still need to take a picture to show off!

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