Another whirl

I'm in deep — can't believe I didn't learn spinning sooner! It's amazing to me that I can take a pile of fluff and a weighted stick and end up with beautiful yarn. This is my second attempt:

Not bad for self-taught, eh? And this one shows it as compared to my first attempt:

That's the single. Here are more, after its 2-ply transformation:

I have no idea what the fibers are. Primarily wool. Long staples. Maybe mixed with tencel or mohair?

It's very soft and silky.

I picked up the fiber at my new favorite LYS: A New Yarn. It's a non-profit yarn store benefiting Northwest Family Life. In addition to being a place for amazing finds, they've brilliantly incorporated a large, well-equipped children's playroom. That's going to pay off in dividends for the shop. This is the only yarn store where C will leave me alone the entire time I want to be there — no nagging!

I got some other great fiber there, too. I'll post more about it as I work the fiber.

While I was there, a woman donated a large box full of natural-colored, prepared roving. She had gotten the fleece from a friend who raises sheep in California and had it processed, but she hadn't done anything with it yet and didn't think she ever would. As you can guess, I thought I might come back and get some of it. The shop manager, Claudia, promised to call me when she finished pricing the wool. By the time I arrived home, she had already left a message offering to let me buy the entire box for a very reasonable price. (We're talking AMAZINGLY reasonable.) I went for it. My MIL, who is in vising from Ohio, ended up getting it for me for my upcoming birthday. Amazing, no? There's more than 10 pounds — I still need to weigh it.

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