Song For Dalai Lama

My family and I were part of the 1,600-member Seeds of Compassion choir that sang for the Dalai Lama's visit to Seattle earlier this month. I took my drop spindle with me and spun throughout one of the events. No surprise why I named this most recent handspun "Song for Dalai Lama."

This is 150 yards, 2-ply, spun top-whorl up on my garled Schecht Hi-Lo. You would have first seen it in this post. I haven't used all the roving in this colorway. There's enough fiber to make another skein this same size, so I will eventually have a respectable 300 yards of this song!

I used the Andean hand-wrap technique for plying. The cop of singles was so big it took me nearly an hour just to wrap all the fiber onto my hand and another three hours to ply it all. Quite a daunting proposition!

I've developed a technique to avoid cutting off circulation in the middle finger when doing the Andean wrap and will post a blog about it soon.

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