Just When I Needed It

As you know, I'm currently working on a stealth project for a certain birthday girl. Super hush. (First discussed at the end of this blog post.)

The project uses the Swedish Tvåändsstickning technique (i.e. Twined Knitting) to make a smooshy, double-thick fabric. I moved through the ribbing section of my pattern quickly and easily, but the regular stockinette section has slowed down. It seemed the only way to proceed was literally to drop the working yarn, pick up the other working yarn, re-wrap the tension, knit (repeat) for every single stitch on the hat. In other words, just muddle through. No "go with the flow," you know?

Miracle of miracles, the day after my birthday (as if sending me a belated present even though she's a total stranger to me), Stell from New Zealand (found on Ravelry and her own blog) posted this great video called "Twined knitting (Tvåändsstickning) holding the yarn."

Stell has renewed my hope that soon—perhaps even tonight—I'll find myself happily knitting in a twiney flow! Thank you, thank you, Stell!

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Virtuous said...

Wow! Very kewl!

Thanks for sharing your new magic technique with us too!