I'm Looking Over ...

... a mountain of Clovers!

Yesterday was J's birthday. I got him these:

Nearly 80 various Clover knitting needles and accessories — not even close to all of them in the picture. Long straights, short straights, circs, DPN, crochet hooks, stitch markers. They're all there. How I love having a spouse who knits! He mentioned awhile ago that he prefers wood needles, and since they're not really my thing, I only had one pair in my collection. I went on the hunt and found these as a lot on ebay for a killer price. You might get 6 needles in the store for what I paid for all these! They've been in my possession for nearly two months, and it's been killing me not to give them to him sooner!

Don't worry, he got more conventionally guy stuff, too: a new tent for camping and saddlebags for his motorcycle (the hot Honda Rebel which was, technically, also part of his birthday this year). Have I shown you the Rebel yet?

That's a pretty lousy picture, but it's the best I have of him actually on the motorcycle. When I tried to get an action shot, I just landed this blur:

The motorcycle is relevant to knitting, though. Check out the neckwarmer he made to match the bike!

He's developed a two-layer design that lets him adjust based on temperature. Pretty ingenious!

For those of you paying attention to dates, the answer is "Yes, we are both Tauri."

I'm happy for springtime. Yesterday we had record-setting temperatures in Seattle at 85 degrees. Today's supposed to be up there, too.

My favorite blossoms are out: lilacs and chestnuts. I don't have any recent chestnut pictures, but here's a gorgeous, fragrant lilac I buried my nose in last night.


Virtuous said...

Ooh I didn't know your hubby knits too!!

Very cool! @ birthday.

Hey Z could you please send me an e-mail at: crimsondiva1999@yahoo.com

Thanks! :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome present! And how nice to have a knitting hubby! Mine will wash fleece, so I'm not complaining! LOL!

Lovin' this weather!!!!


juicyknits said...

Congrats on a knitting hubby! Mine is still adjusting to the fact that his grandma & wife knit together.

Elizabeth said...

Joe is so cool! I love the new neck warmer. I'm sure I've just missed it with being off line for so long...have you posted the neck warmer patterns somewhere? The cache of needles and things you got are way better then what I could have sent you!!! Totally awesome! You have such a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Love you, B-