For The Family

It's been awhile since I made these spindles for J & C. Time to share!

This one's for J. He's really going to town on that multicolored Merino roving I gave him, which we rolled off Seattle Spinner and onto this one.

I think the mandala looks amazing. We did cut in a notch since there's no strong visual line for him to align off of.

Here's C's:

This one gave me fits. You may recall from this post that we intended her spindle to have a mommy and baby horse. I could not find a decent image that would work around the spindle hole. Everything I pulled looked awful. You know, massive holes in baby's head and the like. Even though one of the horses is cut off in this image, it still looks good overall. C loves it. She has even done some spinning on it! Not a lot, though, which is fine by me. I'm not going to push. Just want it here when she's ready... a pretty bit of inspiration.

I used two CDs each instead of one this time. Adds weight and may even stabilize a bit more. Both are really long spinners, which impresses me to no end. I know people complain about cup hooks on homemade spindles. Frankly, I don't have a problem with them at all. You do have to be careful when putting them on — don't want to split the shaft — but it's not that difficult adjusting your wrap so it lands in the hook.

Yup... I really like these spindles!

In knitting news: The twined-knitting, stealth project has hit a whopping length of 6 inches! Time for some decreasing. The end is in sight!

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Elizabeth said...

oohh... I love J's mandala spindle. Very cool! I think the horses for C's spindle came out perfect. Excellent choice. Anders doesn't spin too often either, but likes the idea of being a spinner. H, not so much. If only the hubby would take interest...