Workshop: MUMTU Socks Pt8:
Heel Extension

  1. Intro, Items Needed, Stitches Used

STEP 9: Heel Extension

!!!Let Sock 2 hang on the cable while you work the entire heel extension and heel flap back and forth on Sock 1. Then you will work the heel extension and flap on Sock 2 while Sock 1 waits!!!

Preparation Row:

  • Knit _____ stitches (Chart 1, Row G)
  • Add reinforcing thread (or place marker if you prefer no reinforcing thread)

    I'm using markers. Since my daughter will only wear
    the socks for sleeping, they don't need reinforced.

  • SSK
  • Knit _____ stitches (Chart 1, Row H) + _____ (Chart 1, Row I) stitches. (If you are not using reinforcing thread, place second marker here.)

There will be _____ stitches (Chart 1, Row J) still unworked. (The H+I stitches will be worked back and forth in short rows until the heel flap. The G and J stitches on either side just hang out and wait.)

Row 1:
  • Turn your work so the wrong side is facing you and P2tog.

  • Purl across only those stitches knit with reinforcing thread (or stop at the marker). At this point, you can remove that marker—it's done its job.

Row 2:
  • Turn your work so the right side faces out.

  • SSK
  • K across reinforced stitches (or stop at marker).

    At this point, you can get rid of this marker, too. Even if you're not using reinforcing thread, you'll have no problem seeing the stitches to knit for the extension because—as you can see from the next picture—the gaps will leave no doubt about when to stop and turn:

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until _____ stitches (Chart 1, Row K) remain that are being knit with reinforcing thread, ending with a wrong-side row.

At this point, you have just completed your last row (a WS row)
and are ready to begin the Heel Flap on a RS row.

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