Workshop: MUMTU Socks Pt7:
Foot, Gusset

  1. Intro, Items Needed, Stitches Used

STEP 7: Foot

Knit all rounds, trying the sock on from time to time, until the sock reaches the point on your foot where the leg meets the top of the foot. (Or until the sock measures the length determined by Measurement 3 or Chart 2.)

If you want a decorative stitch pattern on the top of the foot, knit 3 rounds and then start the new stitch pattern. Knit the decorative pattern across the stitches on Needle 2 only. And remember that you must swatch for gauge in your chosen stitch pattern to calculate your primary stitch count.

STEP 8: Gusset

Round 1:

  • Needle 1 (bottom of foot/sole): K1, M1L, K to 1 stitch from end, M1R, K1
  • Needle 2 (top of foot/instep): Knit all.
Round 2: Knit all.

Repeat these two rounds _____ times (Chart 1, Row C) altogether until…
There are more stitches on Needle 1 than Needle 2 now.

1 comment:

moonpuppy said...

I sure hope you're still listening to this.

I'm having an issue with the first increase (K1 M1L etc). I'm making it correctly, I think (I read along the M1L instructions as I knit to make sure I'm following instructions), but, I'm getting a . . . lump in that area, that is kinda \| shaped. Almost like a rolled edge, but it won't unroll. The M1R at the other end is fine, nice and flat.

Now, I do have a SM between the K1 and the M1L, to mark Needle One. Could that be causing an issue? Oh, and, for some reason, I'm only knitting one sock. I started this so long ago, I'm betting I was terrified of two at a time, lol.