Over DeFenced

The moment I laid eyes on the DeFenced Bracelet, by Seattle indie designer Zuzana Willis of Zuz K Jewelry, I wanted it. As you know, I'm still sorely lacking in the accessories department following the burglary of our home last January. Even so, the mid-$300s price tag was a bit steep for me. I was ecstatic to learn that Zuzana taught a project class on this gorgeous piece at Fusion Beads! I took the six-hour class November 21, and here is the glorious result!

Stunning, isn't it?!

Before any of you ask, the design is Zuz's property, so this is the absolute only DeFenced Bracelet I'll be making.

Except for the tube clasp, every single bit of it was handforged by me from just 2 lengths of fine silver wire. The longest headpin is just under 2 inches.

I spent a lot of time wielding wire cutters and hot torches. I felt like a cowboy double-fisting his pistols. It's a time-intensive piece to make, and for awhile there it didn't look like the six hours would be enough for me to complete the project. But then we started the weaving part, and that's where my hopes were renewed!

My fiber brain turned on, and I mastered the weave quickly. From then on I knew I'd walk out of there with the bracelet completed. I flew through the weaving and managed to be the only person able to wear her bracelet away from the class!

Yes, that's right -- a boost to my ego. This was just my second metal class, and until we started the weaving technique, I'd been dead last to complete almost everything. It may not be a perfect incarnation of the bracelet, but it was done within the given time, it has character, it makes a spectacular statement on my arm, and I love it!

I received some metal working equipment for Christmas and see much, much more of this work in my future.

I also see a trip out to Zuz's studio on Vashon Island in my future. She invited me and my friend Kris, who also took the class, to drop by in the spring. I can't think of a cooler thing to do right now than visit Zuz in her studio!


nestra said...

Jealous! I love the bracelet but am more jealous of you getting to take a metalworking class! I hope we get to see more of your metal-working projects in the future.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing more pieces of your own design soon. Maybe I should send Hayden up in the spring to go to her studio with you. Hmm...