Nicety From NOLA

When my sister flew up from New Orleans last May to help my family move, she brought a surprise:

This sweet little sock project bag actually was created not by my sister but by her friend, Terri. I love it!

Terri, who had only just recently learned how to sew, designed the pattern. It features a carrying handle, a zipper, and grommets at the top...

... and bottom. It's also fully lined!

I think her fabric selection is just lovely. Check out the sunny lining peeking through!

To what did I owe this unexpected generosity from afar? A few years back, I had let Terri purchase from my stash some yarn she needed to make the Tulip Purse. And, of course, we're friends on Ravelry, where we have chatted on a few occasions. But the biggest connection is my sister and their friendship (which has included many, many hours in knitting circles and several knitting travel escapades). It's always interesting to be reminded of the many ways knitting unites us.

I've long wanted to blog about this gift, but hadn't really been anywhere much near my knitting since the move and so had left it unannounced. With Christmas yesterday, I was reminded to give thanks for this very special and now-beloved gift. It's happily stuffed with a sock project right now.

Thank you, Terri, and many blessings to you for the New Year!


Elizabeth said...

Very nice! And super sweet. We need to get that girl to make more and post them on etsy!!

Unknown said...

Aw shucks! Thanks for the ... uh, thanks! It was my first bag, first zipper, first everything but your pictures make it look grand. Always good to throw around some unexpected love in this world. Glad you're enjoying it! ;)

meredithp said...

That's really lovely and clever. An "uptown" version of your nifty plastic bag solution.