Dyed on Saturday

Great day dying multicolor roving Saturday at Weaving Works! Sanaset/Lanaset acid dyes.

This is 4 ounces of a wool/mohair blend. It was really hard to photograph. The light simply insisted upon dancing off this fiber, making it much brighter and more blue than in person. It's really quite green -- sagey mermaid-type colors, with hints of violet and a very pale blue.

The next one also brightened in the pictures. It's loaded with forrest greens, rusts, and burnt amber-type shades.

There is a royal blue in there, and some deep purple.

But it's predominantly the earthy greens and browns.

8 ounces of poofy Falkland fiber. It didn't felt, but the quality of the fiber did change considerably during the dye process, shifting from a smooth and well-aligned combed top to the more obviously dense and luscious crimpy fiber you see here.

I had hoped to woolen spin it, but I think I'll be going worsted. I'm shocked by how poofy it came out! I just hope the spun yarn doesn't have that spongey look you sometimes see with the Lorna's Laces dyed fibers when they've been spun more on the bulky side.

Thanks to Janene, Michelle, and Cheryl for a fabulous day! (Now I just need to practice my braiding skills!)

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Aponi said...

They are beautiful! Love the colors!