Old Dog . . .

. . . New Trick!

Did you catch that, observant and loyal blog readers? It may be subtle, so I'll bring it close up:

I was going to turn this into a guessing game and have you place your guesses in the comments then reveal the answer tomorrow with some fabulous prize, but I've never been much for suspense. Besides, I wouldn't be able to talk about the WIP if I did that because the name would give it away.

The pattern is Maizy Lace by Cathy Hannigan. The yarn is called Maizy—and it's 82% corn fiber, 18% elastic nylon—in the Neptune colorway. My first time working with the stuff. So far so good. . . It's different, but not in a bad way. I opted for Magic Loop technique but am sticking with top-down construction, as written.

I'm calling this project my Continental Maizy Lace Socks. (hint hint hint)

Surely you've guessed it by now?!

I'm knitting Continental instead of Western. I'm picking instead of throwing.

Every stitch.

Just because.

It's no small thing re-training my hands after 30 years of knitting!


Virtuous said...

Gurl my hand is fluent in Continental. That is how I learned and got hooked!! :o)

Great that you are doing it!

Put I hate being called a picker! ;op I like a "scooper" better!! ;o)

Elizabeth said...

They look fantastic. You're doing a great job. Who cares about picking and throwing... you're a knitter! And a damn good one at that!!