Gone Camping!

The family is taking a much-needed break. We leave today for Pacific Beach. Imagine me here:

That's our actual campsite, courtesy of the Washington State Parks website. And yes, that's the ocean just beyond the picnic table... Yay! We'll be pitching a tent and putting up a screened enclosure by 2pm. It's been about 15 years since I last camped. The last trips were to the Outer Banks. I've psyched myself up for this first-time with C, all-family, camping extravaganza!

It will be nice to have a break from the oppressive temps in Seattle this past week. Today we hit 89 degrees in our house. (No air conditioning here because you normally don't need it for more than a week each summer.) Fortunately, the ocean-side forecast says 68 degrees and sunny, with a nice shoreline breeze!

I'm taking lots of knitting, some spinning, and some design projects. Truth be told, the knitting was packed before my suitcase. And yes, I'm also taking some stuff to read for the dissertation—but no computer.

See you again around Independence Day!

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